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Knock and Drop Iowa

Knock and Drop Iowa is a non-profit organization designed to bridge the gap between the underserved and disadvantaged in our community with the resources available. Thousands of people live everyday without food and other basic necessities. One of our main goals is to stop hunger by gathering food and providing them to those in need. Knock and Drop Iowa is funded by community support and donations. We are always looking for volunteers and donations in order to assist more people.

Knock and Drop Iowa’s vision is to have it’s own space and be a safe haven for the Latinx Community. Knock and Drop Iowa believes in making sure no one goes hungry. A child should never go to sleep with an empty stomach. We believe in helping and teaching knowledge to our community. Knock and Drop Iowa has so many dreams for the Latinx Community, and is working hard to partnering with other organizations out there, to help in bridging the gaps between our Communities. 

Mission: Knock and Drop is an organization for positive community action by implementing programs that are beneficial to our Latino Community
Vision: An engaged, vibrant and healthy community

Zuli Garcia

In 2020, Zuli Garcia saw a great need in the Latinx community and took action by founding, Knock and Drop Iowa. Her vision started out as a small project to provide food and essential items to the Latinx community. In its short existence, this program has expanded into an advanced non-profit organization. It has been able to help hundreds of families all over Iowa during these vulnerable times by bridging the gap between the Latinx community and the local resources available. 

Our Work

Board Members

  • Zuli Garcia – Chief Executive Director 
  • Jose Alvarado
  • Shelby Chun Chavez
  • Axel Hernandez
  • Evelyn Tavera Flores
  • Pedro Mendoza
  • Erika Morales

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